Netflix Spectrum Interactive

How can we introduce Netflix to Australians with a user experience reflecting the ground-breaking entertainment service? – Netflix Spectrum. A multilayered story that puts the viewer in control. Five Netflix Original series, turned into one seamless experience. The arrow keys let the user control the story. Press up to lift the mood, or down into darker stories.

Results:Average banner interaction rate = 7.94% (four times industry standard)
Average banner expansion time = 66 seconds (four times industry standard)
Since the project began, subscriber numbers increased by 5 million.

ClientNetflix AustraliaAgencyDroga5Year2015RoleResearch, UI & UX Design, Development

Interactive video - User Journey

UX Architecture - Desktop and Mobile

Wireframe Storyboard - Website Takeover Placement

Final Storyboard - Website Takeover

Interactive Video - UI Design

Companion Banners - Storyboards Desktop

Companion Banners - Storyboards Tablet & Mobile Expandable

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