StaffSwipe App

A ‘Tinder-Style’ swiping app for hospitality recruitment.

Objective: Make recruitment for hospitality attractive!
In Hospitality recruitment we see difficulties even finding candidates with the skills to succeed in entry-level positions. Workplaces require more attractive workers. (Great attitude/personality – satisfaction/trust/morale) and talents require more attractive workplaces. (Great benefits – bonus/pension/insurance).

Solution: The StaffSwipe app simplified the process of recruitment in the hospitality industry. By using the location of the employer and job searcher, it sped up the search for work and optimized the following collaboration. StaffSwipe was positioned as a fun and inviting experience, whilst maintaining a professional look and feel.

ClientStaffSwipeProjectStaffSwipe AppAgencyGoodShiftYear2017RoleResearch, Branding, UX, UI-Design and Production Management


Mobile App Wireframes

Mobile App Design

Swiping Design

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App Iconography

User Flow - Mobile Gestures Map

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